Bright Silicon Technologies

Exquisite Control of Light


Bright Silicon Technologies is commercializing the Lightfield Directing Array for precision digital control of light. Originally developed for high-performance defense applications within Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the Bright Lightfield Directing Array offers a number of highly-differentiated features:

  • Combines low-cost benefits of silicon microfabrication with flexibility of additive manufacturing

  • Ability to trade off high-speed (10's of kHz) and large range of motion (10's of degrees)

  • Arbitrarily large apertures comprised of arrays of independently controlled mirrors

  • Full tip / tilt / piston control for 3D coherent beam control

  • High fill factor (>99%) to maximize SNR and support high-power applications

  • Stable operation under shock and vibration through innovative mirror constraints

  • Closed-loop control for precise positioning across operational and environmental variations


The Bright Silicon Technologies Lightfield Directing Array provides breakthrough performance across a number of high-impact applications:

  • LIDAR - Robust performance at a cost point for automotive / UAV applications

  • 3D Printing - High-power, fully adaptive beam management for improved speed and quality

  • AR / VR - Compact packaging for mobile adaptive image generation

  • Optical Communications - Precision pointing alternative to gimbals and fast-steering mirrors

  • Optical Control - Coherent wavefront control, beam combining, optical switching arrays...


Bright Silicon Technologies offers custom services for the development and deployment of microfabrication based technologies:

  • Microfabrication enabled device design

  • Microfabrication process development

  • Microdevice prototyping

  • Integration of microdevices into existing or new development systems

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